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Quantum B2B

Business-to-Business: Corporate Sales and Education Solutions


Corporate Sales

At Quantum, we know that businesses require the best in technological innovation to stay adhead in a competitive market. If dropped calls are  interfereing with your ability to conduct business; if you need a wireless internet solution; if you need assistance with cloud managed access points;  if you need help configuring a surveillance and security system to monitor you business; GPS tracking units to track inventory; a network attached storage solution to safeguard your files securely on your own network; if you are a photo or video professional who needs desk top or portable hard drives; HD webcams for high quality video conferencing -- Quantum has a solution for you.

As a highly dedicated team of technology experts, our focus on customer support enables us to accurately identify the needs of corporate clients, in order to put together custom packages that meet the most demanding business needs. Our business is to make your business run smoothly, and we are dedicated to building lasting relationships for long-term mutual success. Contact customer support for a custom quote.

Education Solutions

Quantum partners with schools, universities, teachers, professors and education administrators to offer custom solutions for a variety of needs. In a time of budget cuts, now more than ever educational institutions must make smart investment decisions in infrastructure and technology. Quantum's relationships with suppliers and manufacturers of brand name technology positions us to offer special deals to education professionals.

Whether you need assistance creating a mesh wireless network to offer internet accross a large campus; signal boosters to enhance reception in buildings blocked by obstructions; outdoor or indoor security cameras and IP network cameras; networks attached storage solutions to manage class files; external hard drives for video and photography students -- our superior products, coupled with first-rate customer care makes Quantum Networks the business partner of choice for many of the nation's schools and universities. Call, email, or live chat customer support for a custom quote to fit the needs of your institution. 

Quantum Advantage

With our roots as a successful and prominent provider of the latest wireless telecommunications products, Quantum Networks is expanding our reach, delivering cutting-edge technology solutions to corporate professionals and education partners. If your business or education institution spends $10,000 and above annually on technology hard ware, you may qualify for partnership- level discounts. We pride ourselves on our ability to listen to and accurately assess your needs. Why waste time and money elsewhere? Our dedicated team of tech experts is standing by.

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