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Cell Phone Signal Amplifiers

Explained: Signal Booster versus Amplifier versus Repeater

Cell Phone Signal AmplifierWhen we refer to a signal booster or repeater, we could be talking about either the entire cell phone signal booster system, or just the amplifier. You can't really do anything with just an amplifier, as the signal amplifier works in conjunction with indoor antennas, outdoor antennas and coaxial cables. The amplifier is the heart of the entire signal booster system.

In order for a mobile network to be improved, an existing and stable signal must be in place for the data to be received and amplified. A signal amplifier is designed to strengthen a device’s ability to hold a signal, which will affect the overall efficiency of the device. The result is fewer dropped calls, clear sound quality, improved data, extended range, faster Internet browsing, a better battery life and an overall improvement to your cell phone experience.

Picking the Right Signal Amplifier: It's About the Gain (dB)

Cell phone signal amplifiers are the perfect solution for any environment that lacks strong reception -- such as a home, office building, ship, or vehicle. Although signal amplifiers offer an array of wireless solutions, all of them essentially operate the same way. The difference between an amplifier for your car and an amplifier for a large office building lies in the gain. Boosting the signal of a larger area requires relatively more gain than is needed to cover a small home.

In other words, gain measures the ability of a cell phone amplifier to amplify a signal. The higher the gain, the more space the amplifier covers. Amplifier Power (gain) is measured in decibels (dBs). In technical terms, decibels are a logarithmic measurement, meaning that for every 3 decibels that increase, the amplifier doubles in strength. Conversely, for every 3 decibels that decrease, the gain is half as strong. Typically, a range of 60-80 dBs will provide coverage for a large building; 40-60 dBs will services a home or small building; and 20-40 dBs is ideal for a car, recreational vehicle or boat.

Amplifier Types

Cell phone signal amplifiers come in multiple forms, namely: 

    • Marine amplifiers allow for one to be able to have cell phone calls when in the ocean. The marine amplifiers lets cell phones or wireless broadband cards obtain a strong signal when out at sea.

    • A machine-to-machine amplifier works by getting a signal from the external antenna and enhancing it so that information may be transmitted. The machines use this new signal to communicate with one another and send it to the cellular modem located in the machine.

    • 4G and LTE amplifiers give faster and stronger signals that allow you to have faster internet, email and text message access, increase download speeds (which can be up to ten times faster than that of 3G), and improves the battery life of your 4G device since it doesn’t have to search as hard for a signal.

    • Large building amplifiers are meant for those who find themselves in large building and thus consistently get poor cell phone reception. Large building amplifiers remedy this problem by using their higher gain to improve the network, thus increasing reception and internet speed.

    • Mobile amplifiers for cars, trucks, RVs are for people who are constantly on the go and need to always have a strong cell phone signal. Such amplifiers definitely deliver. The two types of car/truck/rv amplifiers are wireless and cradle. Wireless amplifier increase the signal of your cell phone no matter where it is located in your car whereas cradle amplifiers provide a signal boost only if the cellular device is in the cradle. There are some advantages to the cradle amplifier as it allows for clearer reception and longer battery life as well as increased internet speeds.