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Cellphone Mate

Cellphone-Mate is one of the leading manufacturers in cellular amplifier technology. Founded in 2011, Cellphone-Mate specializes in the production of bidirectional amplifiers for cell phone signal booster systems. Using a Cellphone-Mate signal booster system, you can expect a dramatic improvement to cellular communications, mainly improving sound quality, as well as eliminating dropped calls and enhancing battery life. The Cellphone-Mate SureCall line features innovative amplifiers such as the Fusion-5, a five-band home and office amplifier designed to be compatible with 3G and 4G networks of all major US carriers, as well as separate antennas for the home or office, vehicle signal boosters, machine-to-machine signal boosters, and all the assorted accessories you need, like cables, to connect an efficient signal booster system.

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Cellphone-Mate is stands out from its competitors’ similar lines of cell phone signal boosters because of the unique metal casing of its amplifiers which improves performance. Cellphone-Mate brings a higher level of innovation to the world of communications with its first-to-market features like adjustable gain and the five-band amplifier. Their amplifiers are unique in that they feature a compartmentalized and linear design that is tried and tested to provide the most signal enhancement at low prices.