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What is your primary goal to use the Digital Antenna?

  • If maximum signal or data is your primary goal, Choose the DA4000 - Direct Connect Amplifier.
  • If your primary goal is to enhance multiple cell phone signals simultaneously without a physical connection to the cell phone, Choose a wireless cellular signal repeater.

DA4000 - Direct Connect Amplifier

All-Purpose Cellular Booster (DA4000) is the best solution in areas of extremely low outside cellular signal (-90 to -100dBm) or when optimal data connections are your top priority. This booster can be applied in almost all the locations amplifying cellular signals up to 50+ miles*.

Wireless Cellular Signal Repeater Systems

The major advantages of a wireless repeater is that no physical connection is required to your cell phone; however, stronger outside cell signal (-70 to -90dBm) is necessary and specific installation guidelines for outside and inside antennas must be followed.

Where you will use the cell booster?

If you want to use it on vehicles, 4KMR-10A will be your best choice.

  • PowerMax 4KMR-10A Vehicle Cellular Repeater/Amplifier boosts your cell phone and air card’s power up to 3 watts and increases range up to 20+ miles without a physical connection to your cell phone. The result is clean and clear voice quality with maximum data throughput on all carriers except Nextel or iDEN.

If you want to use it on boats & RV, 4KMR-30M and 4KSBR-50M are perfect for you.

  • 50dB Gain Wireless Repeater System (4KMR-30M) boosts the signal strength, improves transmit and receive signals and can be used in a variety of locations. This translates into fewer dropped calls, clearer connections and stronger signals inside your home, office, boat or RV. In addition, Digital Antenna’s cell boosters extend the life of your cell phone’s battery.

If you want to use it in Condo & Apt, 4KPR-15R is a cost-efficient solution. 

  • PowerMax 4KPR-15R Personal Cellular Repeater/Amplifier provides reliable and clear cell phone communication equivalent to the cellular signal strength available outside the building. A simple do-it-yourself installation (no tools required) allows this repeater system to be installed anywhere.

If you want to use it in Home & Office, all the following can be a good choice for you.

  • PowerMax 4KSBR-50M Marine/RV Cellular Repeater/Amplifier --------(up to 4,000 sq. ft.*)
  • 60dB Gain Wireless Repeater System (4KSBR-50U) -----------------------(up to 5,000 sq. ft.*)
  • 50dB Gain Wireless Repeater System (4KMR-30M) ------------------------(up to 3,500 sq. ft. *)
  • PowerMax 4KMR-30U Home/Building Cellular Repeater/Amplifier-----(up to 1,500 sq. ft.*)
  • PowerMax 4KPR-15R Personal Cellular Repeater/Amplifier ------------(up to 2,500 sq. ft.*)

(The list is sorted by price from up to down)

* Enhanced distance from inside antenna varies based upon outside cell signal strength. A weaker outside signal results in a smaller distance from inside antenna. For a larger enhanced inside coverage area use ultra low loss cable and/or add a directional outside antenna (for fixed locations only). To use a cell booster, a usable cell signal must be present at the location of the outside antenna.