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GPS Tracking

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  1. Quantum GPS Asset Tracker Pro

    Quantum GPS Asset Tracker Pro

    Learn More

    Model Number (MPN): ASSET-TRACK-PRO_MOB


    Quantum GPS
  2. SPOT II Satellite GPS Messenger (SPOT-2)

    SPOT II Satellite GPS Messenger (SPOT-2)

    The SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger (SPOT II) is the second generation of the supremely popular SPOT, a GPS device considered The world first satellite messenger. As far as personal trackers went, the SPOT was revolutionary; it operated on two different networks the standard GPS satellite network and SPOTown network and the idea behind the system was that it would be able to function just about anywhere in the world, regardless of whether or not cell phone coverage would be available. Learn More

    Model Number (MPN): SPOT-2


  3. Super Trackstick - Passive GPS Tracking Logger

    Super Trackstick - Passive GPS Tracking Logger

    The Super Trackstick is a high performance, long-lasting passive GPS tracking device that allows you to visualize the device's location worldwide. Learn More

    Model Number (MPN): SUPER-TRACKSTICK


    Out of stock

  4. LandAirSea Tracking Key Passive GPS Tracker (LAS-1505)

    LandAirSea Tracking Key Passive GPS Tracker (LAS-1505)

    TRACKING KEY LAS-1505 LandAirSea Tracking Key (LAS-1505) Learn More

    Model Number (MPN): LAS-1505


  5. LandAirSea Trac-King Key Pro Passive GPS Tracker (LAS-1507)

    LandAirSea Trac-King Key Pro Passive GPS Tracker (LAS-1507)

    "• Records route, start/stop time, speed, direction every second • Holds up to 100 hours of driving information • Includes magnetic, water resistant housing • No activation or monthly fees!" Learn More

    Model Number (MPN): LAS-1507


  6. Trackstick II - Passive GPS Tracking Logger (Trackstick 2)

    Trackstick II - Passive GPS Tracking Logger (Trackstick 2)

    Integrated USB 2.0 connector Learn More

    Model Number (MPN): TRACKSTICK-2


    Out of stock


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Whether you’re a business owner keeping tabs on your products or a parent keeping watch on your loved ones, Quantum offers a range of GPS tracking devices to fit your unique needs. Quantum's array of real time tracking units includes solutions for fleet, asset, law enforcement, government and employer tracking needs. GPS Fleet Tracking and Asset Tracking allow businesses to effectively keep ahead of their off-site crews and overseas products. For keeping people—rather than products—safe, subtle units such as the SilverCloud allow you to track your nearest and dearest in real time. For less pressing tracking needs, passive GPS systems such as the LandAirSea Tracking Key track location data to be retrieved later when the device is connected to a computer. If a separate GPS device seems too cumbersome, the Trackberry Mobile GPS Platform, a Smartphone app that does all the work of a traditional GPS device, lets you take your GPS wherever you go. With the wide variety of GPS systems offered at Quantum, you can stay in the know while on the go.
The world is going minimalist, and keeping yourself or others safe shouldn’t have to automatically mean yet another device to worry about. Heighten your security standards without the added responsibility of a new device with a Cell Phone GPS Tracking system. Cellphone trackers allow you to download a GPS app directly to your smartphone. Cell phone tracking provides the same-quality GPS service that a regular, separate GPS device would provide, without the extra gadget. Family members, friends, or colleagues can view the location of your phone— and by extension, you—in real time. The Trackberry Mobile GPS Tracking Platform for Blackberry users even incorporates additional safety features such as the SOS panic button, allowing you to send out a customizable alert via e-mail or SMS to predetermined contacts when in a dangerous situation. Don’t let your apprehension of owning another high-tech gadget deter you from superior safety: cell phone GPS tracking equips the device you use most with the ability to keep you safe.