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Which types of tracking system you want to use?



Real-time GPS Tracking System


(Real-time or active systems allow you to view the vehicle’s location whenever you desire. They collect the same information, but usually transmit the data in “real-time” via cellular or satellite networks to a computer.)


The LandAirSea Victoria GPS Tracking System is simply the best real-time unit to date, which can record every 10 seconds, resulting in a smooth path of travel, as viewed on a PC. Affordable, with no annual wireless contract, and compact (the device is about the size of a deck of cards), the Victoria is suitable and accessible to law enforcement, fleet managers, small businesses and private citizens portable.The monthly unlimited 10-second tracking updates are $39.95 per month with an initial activation fee of $ 29.95.

Similar to the LandAirSea Victoria Real-Time Tracking System, the
LandAirSea 8100 GPS Tracking System provides a user the ability to monitor vehicle updates as they occur. With second-by-second position updates, the 8100 incorporates a powerful 4400 mA lithium-ion battery pack, and it has the ability to be hardwired or run off the vehicle’s 12V system. The 8100 is also completely self-contained and portable, with no eternal power cables or antennas.


 Passive GPS Tracking System


(A passive unit maintains a record of every location it has traveled to in a particular vehicle. This information can then be downloaded onto your computer and viewed using the manufacturer’s software that is included with your tracking unit.)


LandAirSea GPS Trac-King [TracKing] as the latest and most advanced GPS passive tracking system is the best available in the market today. It can record an incredible 80 hours of movement on just two AA batteries, yet it has a sleek, compact size, and strong magnet mount, perfect for a host of applications. With no contracts and no monthly fees, this is a cost-effective passive vehicle tracking system.

The self-contained, pocket-sized
LandAirSea GPS Tracking Key passive vehicle tracking system has become a LandAirSea strong seller and a favorite for parents of new teen drivers, law enforcement and business people trying to cut waste and inefficiencies in company travel. The Tracking Key is much more affordable than its real-time counterparts, and it has no monthly fees involved.

LandAirSea GPS Tracking System 3100-INT is a passive vehicle tracking device designed for the rugged demands of fleet management. The unit is compact with an internal antenna, yet powerful, with a capacity of 300 hours of travel activity in its flash memory. It’s water-resistant and has three powerful magnets on the housing, so exterior placement is possible.

LandAirSea GPS Tracking System 3100-EXT was designed in mind some trucks and vans which have enclosed cargo holds and deep engine compartments. It comes with six feet of exterior antenna, so the GPS receiver can be placed under the vehicle or under the hood, for example, and the antenna in a place more favorable to GPS reception.