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Choosing a Wilson Electronics Mobile Signal Booster: Cars, Trucks, RVs & Boats

Wilson 801240 SignalBoost Mobile Professional amplifier is a wireless dual band 40dB amplifier, which covers all US networks (except Nextel) and 3G data. The amplifier is very small, designed to be transported easily. With the USB power cable it is ideal for use with laptop adapter cards.When used with an external antenna, the 801240 can provide a cell zone of wireless reception up to 6ft from the unit.This kit does not have an external antenna. You can select either the 4" magnetic mount antenna or the 12" magnetic mount antenna. The following amplifier kits are more convenient solution.

Where you want to use the mobile amplifier?

Indoors and Vehicle

  • The 801241 includes everything needed for improved cellular performance on the road and indoors. The package includes the amplifier(801240), along with Wilson’s popular 12-inch magnet mount antenna, a suction-cup window bracket, all power options, and a convenient carrying case.

  • For users desiring a lower profile antenna,the 801242 includes everything from the 801241 kit, but the 12-inch magnet-mount antenna is replaced with our four-inch mini magnet-mount antenna.

Vehicle Only 

  • The 801243 kit is designed for on-the-road use. It includes the 12-inch magnet-mount exterior antenna with 801240 amplifier, but does not feature the in-building accessories. 
  • The 801244 kit is identical to the 801243, except that it features the five-inch mini magnet-mount exterior antenna, rather than the 12-inch version.